User Experience Optimized Web Hosting

Hosting built to maximize your User Experience potential at an all inclusive cost.

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Everything you need included in the price

We believe hosting accounts should include everything you need and you shouldn't be nickled and dimed into having a secure and efficient website.

We know that when it comes to performance and security, whats good for you is good for us so we want to make sure completely setup.

No initial add-ons needed

No hidden fees

Security, SSL Certificates, Daily backups and Faster speeds ALL INCLUDED!

  • Start Ups
  • Freelancers
Rookie User Experience

15GB storage
20GB transfer/mo
2 FTP accounts
2 email accounts
2 SQL databases
1 subdomain
Unlimited parked domains
1 addon domain
2 passenger apps (nodeJS, Ruby, etc.)
Resource restrictions:
1.5 CPUs max at any time
2MB/s disk I/O

$50.00 USD/Mo*
  • SMB’s
  • Growing businesses
Growth User Experience

50GB storage
100GB transfer/mo
10 FTP accounts
20 email accounts
Unlimited mailing lists
10 SQL databases
10 subdomains
10 addon domains
10 passenger applications
Resource restrictions:
3 CPUs max
2G max ram
4MB/s disk I/O

$95.00 USD/Mo*
  • Corporations
  • Enterprise size companies
Market Leader User Experience

150GB storage
200GB transfer/mo
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited storage per email
20 SQL databases
Unlimited addon domains
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited passenger apps
4 CPUs
4GB ram
10MB/s disk I/O

$199.00 USD/Mo*

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Rookie User Experience Package

Base Hosting Package

Base Hosting per month



SSL Certificate


+ $250/yr

Malware Protection


+ $30/mo

30 Day Backups


+ $20/mo

5 yrs of bi-monthy DR Backups
Not available


Why you NEED hosting optimized for User Experience

Website speed and server speed are one of the biggest factors for ranking on Google and for converting visitors into customers. Most hosting companies simply offer you a place to park your website. Instead, we offer you the resources you need to elevate your website beyond your competitors.

of Websites Operate at an Acceptable Page Speed

A One-Second Delay Results in a
Drop in Conversions

of Visitors Bounce When Your Site Takes Five Seconds to Load

What CoHosta does for you!

Faster Website

We maximize your User Experience potential with servers built for speed and efficiency.
Strongest Security

All servers are encrypted and setup with the latest security standards.
Instant Trust

Because we include your SSL certificate for free, your website will always show that it’s secure.
Daily Site Backups

Rest easy knowing your website is backed up every day.
Hassle-Free Setup

Let our experts get your website setup while you focus on other parts of your business. (Additional fees may apply)
Expert Support

Our veteran support team has previous experience at GoDaddy and Google.

Why your website needs ongoing monitoring

Peace of mind for your website

We know how damaging it can be when your website goes down or doesn’t function the way it needs too. Business can be lost and customers get upset.

The scariest part is how susceptible you are to a variety of potential issues. All it takes is for one of the following to happen and your entire website could be down:

  • Out of date plugin
  • Out of date theme
  • Minor code change
  • Unauthorized login
  • An automatic update to a plugin or theme

The worst part is these issues are happening with increased frequency. This is why it is important to have an IT support program or a programmer in place so you can quickly have it fixed when things break.

At CoHosta we’ve created a dedicated support team to ensure you are protected from many of the common issues that affect other businesses. In addition, our support team is on hand to take care of any emergencies you may experience.

Website Transfer

Transferring a website is risky and resource intensive. Our white-glove transfer service ensures everything is properly transferred with minimal input on your end.

Technical Service Plans
Technical Service PlanLITE

Outdated themes and plugins can cause issues with your website and become security risks. We make sure your website is up to date.

Technical Service PlanFULL

Everything in the Lite Technical Service Plan + enhanced website optimizations built to ensure your website is tip-top shape.


Is there really a difference between User Experience Hosting and the hosting options others provide?

Yes. The hosting options offered by most hosting companies are slow and simply meant as a cheap way to get your website up and running. Our User Experience hosting options are designed to exceed the standards demanded by Google and your customers.

What is the difference between hosting and technical service?

Think of hosting as the foundation for which you build your digital real estate for your business. Technical support is equivalent to the electricity, plumbing, and other support systems you need for your digital real estate.

Why should I get a Technical Service Plan?

Most websites are built on open source technologies, which makes them susceptible to vulnerabilities. Also outdated plugins and themes can cause issues and pose additional security threats. Unless you are going to monitor your website 24/7 or have a Webmaster on staff you need our Technical Support Plan.

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