Technical Information

Our hosting plans were developed to provide you speed, security, and peace of mind. Below is a technical breakdown of everything that goes into your hosting plan.

  • Nightly incremental backups retained for 30 days stored off premises on DigitalOcean S3
  • These are done via JetBackup (version 5), which also provides access to an on-demand backup, as well as customizable additional backups (so you can back up to your own S3 or similar storage interface)
  • Twice a month full backups stored in AWS Deep Glacier and retained for 5 years
  • AWS backups are retained even after account cancellation, unless purge is requested by client
  • Version 6 Enterprise
  • CDN image optimization
  • Critical CSS
  • Unused CSS
  • Low quality image placeholders
  • Edge-Side Includes - server-side cache the static components of your page, and run PHP at realtime for the dynamic components
  • HTTP/3 QUIC allows for more efficient and streamlined delivery of various website files (HTML, JS, CSS, etc.)
WP Toolkit
  • Easy cloning of sites to create staging sites, and merging staging sites into production
  • "Smart update" to allow you to generate screenshots of before/after doing plugin updates, to confirm plugin updates can be applied without issue
  • Security analysis of sites to provide quick-and-easy methods of hardening WordPress sites
  • Easy access to features like WordPress debugging, hotlink protection, script debugging, query logging, search engine indexing, maintenance mode, and more
  • Real-time scanning: changes to files are immediately scanned for malware
  • RBL-based firewall to stop the majority of malicious actors, comment spammers, etc. before they even reach your site - with "greylisting", which allows suspicious individuals to verify a captcha to proceed to your site
  • Modsec rules to monitor the traffic to your site to look for attempts to execute malicious code
  • Database scanning detects malicious scripts/code added to the database - providing a level of detection seen by extremely few other hosting providers
  • PHP immunity discovers new exploits: If someone uses an exploit not yet known, and uses that exploit to inject known-malware into your site, the injection is discovered and "back-tracked" to the original exploit, providing learning of new exploits
  • Standard WHM+cPanel stack kept up to date
Hardened PHP (and other CloudLinux OS+ features, PHP X-Ray)
  • We use CloudLinux OS+ versions of PHP, and provide PHP versions 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, and 8.0. Our PHP versions have backported security fixes; while using the most recent possible version of PHP is always recommended, this allows us to offer extremely old versions of PHP, without the well-known security flaws being present.
  • We use KernelCare+, which allows core operating system infrastructure (both Linux itself, and the GNU C Library) to be updated-while-running, rather than requiring a reboot.
CloudLinux OS+
  • PHP X-Ray allows you to analyze and understand slow PHP code and slow database queries: you can put your site into a "trace" mode that will then analyze slow requests, and show you what PHP files took the most amount of execution time, what MySQL queries took long, what PHP function calls caused the most amount of slowdown, etc.
  • While we store our backups through various S3 providers (AWS and DigitalOcean), our hosting stack is built on top of bare-metal servers managed directly by us, allowing us to ensure efficient allocation of resources. Our servers use a variety of high-end Intel CPUs.
  • On-server storage is done primarily with RAID10 SSDs with a hot-spare on standby.